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Style Analysis

Due modelli

Let's talk about style.

What is style? What does mean "to have style"?

Well, style it's like beauty. You can't describe it but you can feel it, you can perceive it and it's one.

You can find beauty everywhere. In a smile, in an artwork, in a meadow, in a well-cut dress, in the lines of a body.

So, style is something indefinable because it's intrinsic and closely linked to our uniqueness.

So, when style communicates the inner language, as a result of our awareness of it, people say "wow, she has style"!

Because it comes from self confidence,

It's a natural consequence of it.

Do you want to revise your style?

Have you changed work?

Do you need a change in your life and want to approach another kind of style?

Let's talk about it.


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