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This is me..



I'm Annamaria Salerno, Image communication professional.

An "Harmonizer", as I like to define myself.

Passionate of color and its history.

Obsessed with its shades, its composition.

Its variations in temperature and value,

Its relativity,




My degree in History of Art gave me the right eye to be able to recognize harmony.

My long career in the field of communication has taught me the importance of the non-verbal, symbols, colors, shapes.

All these elements - symbols, colors, shapes - are not details.

Details are never details.

They are the keys to reveal our precious and unknown inner self.

The personal Brand.

Our distinctiveness.

My job is to make these tools available for you to make the most of them as I learned to do, enhancing your image for the goals you set yourself.

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Negozio di vestiti
Negozio di vestiti


My mission is to help women who want to focus on themselves, in a moment of their life - the right one - by discovering and enhancing their personal characteristics, previously unknown and learning to enhance themselves with the personal and unique heritage that each one has.


By discovering and recognizing the external characteristics of each of us - which resonate deeply - I help women to become their best version by harmonizing colors and shapes and focusing on strengths.


Nothing superficial.

It's not "all about clothes", it's about your deep identity.



A Brand is a commitment.

Each of us has his own personal brand. Our deepest peculiarity, desire, our recognizable feature.


J. Lacan said: “Never betray your desire”.
Our desire is our most authentic part, our personal brand that wants to be valued.

Image Consulting is a part of this process in which, more or less aware but always driven by a deep desire, we decide to change, even externally, the way we present ourselves.

Will be the clothes, accessories, colours that will find agreement with our natural beauty by speaking our own language and will allow us to present ourselves with our utmost ease and awareness to others.

In a word, our Confidence.

The Key.

Persona davanti alla telecamera
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